Jeffrey H. Bunn — It’s Time to Take Time For Mindfulness

[New Podcast] Jeffrey H. Bunn – It’s Time to Take Time For Mindfulness.
A special episode to me.

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Jeffrey H. Bunn (a.k.a Jeff) is a retired litigation attorney, Jeffrey H. Bunn, who practiced in both State and Federal courts for nearly 40 years, and was previously member of a three-person Management Committee for a Chicago law firm. He represented clients in a variety of civil matters.  He’s a regular meditator, trained in the Vipassana tradition, and schooled in Mindfuless-Based Stress Reduction (“MBSR”)”.Jeff was prior chair of the Chicago Bar Association (“CBA”)  and more recently, the founder and initial chair of the Chicago Bar Association committee on Mindfulness and the Law.He has presented on matters concerning the incorporation of mindfulness and meditation into the practice of law for the CBA, Chicago Volunteer Legal Services (“CVLS”), the State Bar of Nevada and the National Association of Bar Executives (“NABE”), as well as other professional organizations.

Please enjoy!

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Show Notes:

  • Incorporating Mindfulness and Secular Meditation
  • Book Man’s search for meaning
  • Kitchen table conversation to cultivate happiness
  • Getting into space between stimuli and response
  • and much more!

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