Navigating Emotional Coaster Ride

As I write this, I’ve been in the hell of an emotional coaster ride.

This ride is painful.

This ride causes sleepless nights.

This ride impacts my food appetite.

This ride triggers me. I get angry, I get sad. I can’t stop thinking and constantly swirling in my thoughts and trying to figure out.

Nothing seems to work out. It seems dark. It seems there are no lights.

It feels like this tough moment will never pass.

I wonder why it’s happening to me and not for me.

I feel lost and screaming fuuucckkksss many many times.

This is life.

I am aware that — everything passes, everything!

I am aware that this darkness will pass — there’s light on the other side.

I am journaling my thoughts, getting support from my coaches, and venting to my friends.

I can’t stop swirling in my head even in the shower. I wonder if this is not me.

I remind myself to keep going and moving forward!

I am the warrior.

I have done many big things in life.

I am sharpening my new edges.

I am learning to stay with the discomfort and sit with the pain.

Life is showing me exactly where I need to learn and grow.

I am leaning into the messiness and exiting all the escapes.

I am challenging myself. It’s not easy but I know I am growing.

I am learning new things about myself. I am learning to keep my heart open in challenging situations. I am open and receptive to others’ feedback.

I listen to my intuition to do what feels good to me and not follow any external noise.

I don’t quit easily. I am courageous to sit with the pain and let life show me what’s better for me.

It’s hard to surrender and not know what’s coming.

I wonder will my actions produce positive results.

I am practicing to be at peace with any worst-case scenario.

I am honoring my needs and desires. I am choosing myself. I love myself

I am not judging myself for anything. I am allowing the life’s flow and trusting that it’s all happening for me.

It’s so hard to trust at times because my mind wants certainty.

I know I am getting better.

I know I am growing.

I know I am not alone.

I know I can reach out for support.

It’s hard to relax amidst emotional challenges because my mind wants to resolve it ASAP.

Life has its own rhythm. Everything passes —all the good and bad times.

When I can’t see the light, I remind myself to be patient and be with the process.

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One thought on “Navigating Emotional Coaster Ride”

  1. Nishant,
    I so respect your truth! There is not a human on tis planet who has not felt this way at one time or another. Although most do not want to be uncomfortable so therefore no real growth ever occurs.
    Thank you for your courage to be so transparent so maybe others can see the light.
    Your forever friend…,

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