Just Letting Go, Just Letting Go

I wish letting go was easy.

I wish I could let go easily.

I wonder why spiritual gurus talk about letting go shit all the time.

How can I let go when there’s a pain in my heart?

How can I let go when my heart is broken into millions of pieces?

How can I let go when all I want is to resist the change and current circumstances?

I tell you that letting go is only possible when you feel the massive pain in your heart, when you feel the discomfort, and when there’s no exit, no escape, — what you’ve is just pain in your heart.

As I write this — I feel a huge pain in my heart. I’m allowing myself to feel this pain. It’s my choice because I choose to continue to live life with an open heart with an awake heart.

Living open-heartedly is so hard! It comes with a blessing and a curse.

Blessing is — you feel joy, happiness, and love — to the extreme.

The curse is — you get to feel the hurt to the extreme.

It’s your choice.

Some people choose to shut down their hearts because they’ve been hurt zillions of times. It’s okay to shut down but you’ll feel less love in this state of heart. You are not allowing the love to flow to you.

I allow myself to feel love and pain at the same time.

I allow myself to let the energy of pain and love penetrate my heart and let this energy come through my eyes.

It’s really hard to live open-heartedly. But, there’s a liberation on the other side.

Your heart can break into pieces again and again. Just know that those pieces can come back again and again. Isn’t it life?

Something is always ending. Something is always beginning. Everything is always in transition from one state to another.

Who knows what’s coming next? Right?

Love hurts!

Love heals!

Pain hurts!

Pain heals!

I hold love, pain, joy, sorrows, and memories in my heart. As Rumi said — everyone is welcome in this guesthouse.

Letting go is hard. But, it’s possible after you have moved through the energy of pain.

Letting go is like that sharpened edge. When you can’t handle it, when you can’t take life anymore, when you can’t take pain anymore — there comes a moment of sigh, and you release it and finally let it go.

You let go!

I love you!

I love me!

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