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Usually, my job on this show is to interview world-class experts in different domains. This episode is a solo one where I record my morning reflections. Every day upon awakening, I write free-flow journaling whatever comes through me. and In this episode, I share some of my reflections and thoughts with you all. You can read the transcript below.

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Transcript of the audio:

“This morning I woke up “worthy”. My heart asked me, what do you want? And I responded – love, joy, and connection. At every stage of life – despite achieving different goals, milestones, success – it’s amazing to realize that we always turn inwards to peek in our soul to seek more love, being more human, more kind, and compassionate. Every new phase sets the new intensity of love. As we evolve with time, our love for ourselves and others evolves with time.”

“We all have different challenges and goals in different stages of life. A challenge once resolved motivates others to realize how things are possible. A goal once achieved sets the foundation of another goal. This is being human. Life is long. If you don’t have what you want and if you are nowhere you want to be, remind yourself that you are still alive and there is still time left to do the work, but not be complacent. Today’s failure is just the foundation of tomorrow’s success. —Note to me.”

“Trust yourself that the right people, right career, and right things will show up at the right time. Universe has its own timings. Trust in the wisdom that created you. You’re unique and your path is unique. Expansion requires stillness. Life is long. Take time to be still. Be kind to yourself as you’re doing the best you can at this present moment.”

Your Being has on condition and prerequisite. You are worthy. I am worthy. We all are worthy. Ego might ask – “worthy of what?”. Ego is stupid and is conditional. I don’t have to do anything to deserve worthiness. I already am worthy of everything”

“The 3 questions I always find useful whenever I am emotionally triggered: What happened to me? What’s my emotional reaction(name the emotion)? What’s the story I am telling myself? The key is to inquire compassionately. There is no place of self-judgment here. This practice always helps me to see I am responding to the past and childhood patterns that are no longer serving me. When I recognize that the source of all of it is within me, I am Powerful. (not a victim)”

“Someone saying “no” to your LinkedIn request to be on a call, to check the Pdf, to be on the podcast, fill in the blanks – they don’t reject you. They just don’t see the possibility. They are simply not enrolled. Don’t give up. Try to pursue those who believe in close proximity to what you believe in. There is no lack of abundance. Don’t go to an ocean with a spoon. “

“Your triggers are your own. I often get triggered when someone says something or does something. I am practicing recognizing those emotional triggers and then identifying those questions. I ask – what emotions do come up? Anger? Sadness? Rage? Fear? What’s the earliest childhood memory I’ve of feeling this way? I take responsibility for my triggers. Someone else in the same situation could be perfectly fine. The trigger is a messenger to me that I still have to heal the older part of myself. A triggered state is an access to the old beliefs.”

“While reading Lao Tzu’s Verse 24 on Living without Excess, I came across this sweet short poem by Hafiz: Even After All this time, The Sun never says to the earth, “You owe me.”. Look what happens with a love like that, It lights the Whole Sky”.
-Poem by Hafiz

“Know that all your needs are valid and you shouldn’t be apologetic for having it. We have a need to emotionally, spiritually, physically bond with our partners. If you’re single, find someone who can validate your needs and never tell you “you are too needy”. If you’re in a relationship – do you communicate your needs to them? Does your partner understand your needs? Or, do they dismiss them? Do you value your own needs? I personally accept that I have a huge deep capacity to love and my heart is now stuck open to receive love. My needs are important and yours too. I accept my needs wholeheartedly and I am worthy of them. Needs are not bad and we are wired to emotionally attach with our partners the way an infant attaches to his/her caregiver.”

“We all are doing the best we can in any given circumstance. My realization is that – people from all different backgrounds, financial statuses, beliefs – are just wanting to access those internal feelings of joy, love, happiness, freedom, and care. Someone rich might want to access these feelings by going to an exotic beach. Someone who makes very little money might want to access the same positive feelings by going to a little fancy restaurant. We, humans, are the same at the core level. We all want to be loved, be happy and live a life of joy. Not only it’s about the beach or the fancy restaurant, but also the feelings we want to feel. Your inner being doesn’t care about the external. Inner only knows about the feelings.”

“I embrace my “Whole” self. I am love. I am joy. I give myself permission to feel the juice of life. I have a deep knowing that the universe is working for me. I am abundant. I am worthy of receiving life’s gifts. My worth isn’t attached to the external things and conditions. What can you let go of today?”

“It’s really hard to mentally focus on things if you’re struggling internally to let go of certain attachments, emotional turmoils and disturbances, anxiousness towards the outcomes, and so on. Internal calmness and clarity lead to external focus – it’s not the reverse way.”

“I don’t know who needs to hear this. If you are having a bad day or a bad week, everything will be alright soon. Light always follows darkness.
If this week is not so productive, it’s completely ok because you will be back with much clarity and grit. If you feel slow in achieving your desires, remember the story of tortoise and hare. You may be slow today, but you might run tomorrow, and then you may get slow again. This is life. We get to embrace the “whole” of it.

When you don’t hold your fist too tight and try letting go, you will realize that things that really belong to you will show up at the right time. No amount of pushing will matter for things that don’t belong to us.
How do we know what’s for us? It’s a tough one. Just keep doing your best and putting one step at a time and practice a little bit of letting go and surrender.”

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