Cultivate Loving Relationship — How to Communicate Needs, Building Rituals and Pathway to Bliss, Honor Sovereignty

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In the last few months, I read some great blogs to improve our loving relationship. These blogs are based on “claiming our sovereignty“, “communicating needs”, “accepting our partner’s needs”, “balancing intimacy and independence”, “the pathway to bliss”, “tools for communication and conflict resolution“, and finally “building rituals for healthy relationships”.

Below is a list of these blogs and I hope that you will gain deeper understanding about relationships as much as I did. I like to keep track of things I am learning on a daily/weekly basis before I forget. The truth is we all learn several things and if we don’t track, we won’t remember.

I am putting this post so that whenever I need to work on relationships(during struggle), I can open up my own blog and quickly recall things. I always believe in creating posts for myself first because when I am excited, I know I can get at least one person excited to read my post. Not trying to create posts for imaginary audience. Period!

Now, without further rant, please enjoy the learnings and share with others.

  • What if we claim (and honor) sovereignty in our relationships?: To claim sovereignty means that I get to decide what happens to my body, heart, and mind. It means that I have agency and autonomy and am not controlled or manipulated by anyone. I get to make my own decisions and live with the consequences. I get to choose who I am in relationship with and how much space to give them in my life. I can choose to end relationships that cause me harm and walk away from situations and communities that don’t honor my sovereignty.
  • How to communicate your needs in a relationship: You have a right to ask for the things you need in a relationship. In fact, you have a responsibility to yourself and your partner to be clear about your needs. You are the expert on yourself. No one else, not even your partner, can read your mind and know what you need in the way of support, intimate contact, time alone, domestic order, independence, sex, love, financial security, and so on. So if articulating your needs isn’t something you’ve felt comfortable doing, how do you start going about it? And how do you do it in a way that doesn’t create defensiveness and anger, and offers the best chance of your partner being willing to listen and fulfill that need?
  • Why you need to accept your partner’s needs? : In this post, you will learn about “our core needs are not negotiable”, “how our needs get met is negotiable”, “lasting relationships require flexibility”, and much more.
  • The Difficult Balance of Intimacy and Independence: Beloved Philosopher and Poet Kahlil Gibran on the Secret to a Loving and Lasting relationship: This difficult balance of intimacy and independence is what the great Lebanese-American artist, poet, and philosopher Kahlil Gibran explores with uncommon insight and poetic precision in a passage from his 1923 masterwork. “Let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you”.

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