Crossing the Bridge: A Letter to Myself and Friend

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There is a bridge between our great ideas and their fulfillment. We get to meet naysayers, obstacles, rejections, failures, and disappointments on this bridge. They are the teachers. These teachers may scare you and tell you to go back to where you come from. If you just carefully listen to them, they are guiding you to change your approach and direction when you get distracted. You don’t have to always run to cross the bridge. The journey is not a sprint.

It may take you a while to get to wherever you want to go. Your patience and character will be tested. What’s the point in getting to a place without a good character?

You will have to face the different seasons—spring, summer, autumn, and winter. You will see light and darkness. You will see sunshine, moon and thunderstorms. Your inner voice would want you to go back when it gets tough.

You will have periods of confusion about your progress. You know that there is an end of this bridge but you may not know how long it will take you to finally cross it.

Where you feel lonely—get help from people whom you trust. There may come a point when you realize that this is not the right bridge to cross. You will have to show courage to walk back to your starting point, and seek a new direction and a new bridge.

It’s immature for me to tell you everything if you haven’t even started yet. Just start and you will encounter many things. Most importantly, you will discover yourself. You will learn about yourself. I am telling you, your patience will be tested.

When you feel challenged or disappointed, and not knowing, what’s happening and how far you have come and how far to go—I encourage you to take rest and take pauses. Remember I told you, it’s not a sprint.

Take some books with you on the journey that will inspire you and give you calm and satisfaction. Don’t forget to carry nutritious food with you. I know you like junk food. Keep them with you but don’t over indulge in them. These foods will crash your energy and you will feel lethargy. Therefore, my friend, keep a check on your body. You don’t want to get to your destination only to realize that your health is wasted. To enjoy the success, make sure you have your health in good shape.

Oh yea, work on your mind as well. See if you can practice some mindfulness and meditation along to way to deepen your awareness. Try with small practice. Start may be with 2 mins and be consistent with it. You will get calm and relaxation. You will learn to observe yourself and people around you.

Don’t be rude to others whom you meet. Say hello to people on the way and be kind. Carry a small notebook to write down a gratitude list. I know you are onto big things—just remember to take some time to focus on small things. When people walking or running beside you are rude to you, practice forgiveness. I know you might take it personally. The idea is to practice letting it go. You got it.

I also know that your focus may get too sharp and narrow towards getting to the end of the bridge—your dreams, your goals. That’s cool, but remember to enjoy the nature, trees, flowers, along the way.

Carry some spiritual and philosophical books or texts with you to stay grounded amidst the challenging days. The journey to cross bridge won’t be easy. You might have pain and sufferings. Why not keep this book—Man’s Search for Meaning? This book will remind you to seek meaning of life when you feel lost. Also, keep a journal to process your overwhelmed emotions and feelings. Write it down and you will feel better,

When you get to the end of the bridge, don’t forget who you have become. Keep your ego aside. The lessons you’ve learned along the way—find ways to help others and pass your lessons and knowledge onto others. Know that life just doesn’t stop when you fulfill your dreams. Life moves on. It keeps moving on. Set other goals and start yourself again to cross a new bridge, learn new lessons and live life as it unfolds.

Important thing: your past events, memories, or trauma may hurt you which may impede your progress. Seek help from others. Talk to good friends and probably find a therapist. Your past will influence your journey but don’t live in the past. Past is gone but consider past as a teacher to teach you important lessons in your journey.

Lastly, listen to music you love to feel joy.

Pura Vida!

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