Destiny Rael on Loss, Grief, Mindfulness, Forgiveness, Symbolism

Destiny Rael is a Transformational Life coach, Loss and grief CoachShe has also served as anAdvocate, Speaker, Mentor and Certified Trained Crisis Counselor for organizations such as Peace over Violence.Currently, She is a Grief Support Leader for a center named “Our House Grief Support Center”in Los Angeles.  She is also a co-founder of SoulShift.
After she lost her brother she has found ways to incorporate her grief and pain into her life to serve a greater purpose and move ahead. In this episode she will talk about the Grief process and how to move forward with this to live a fulfilled life.

Please enjoy!

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Questions I ask:

  • Why do you have elephant tattoo on your arm?
  • Loss and grief tragedy? How did you accept, or if you did accept, how did you go through that process after that?
  • Moving on vs moving forward?
  • Embrace those painful moments?
  • Sending email to the died loved ones?
  • What does a grief feel like?
  • What kind of spiritual practices do you have in your day to day life?
  • Can grief lead to depression?
  • What’s your favorite song?
  • and much more!

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