Nishant is a Computer Science Graduate. After spending more than 10 years in Software Corporate, he is on a mission to spread Mindfulness Awareness. He is a lover of Mindfulness practices that helps him staying grounded, calm and at peace. He meditates and a believer in spirituality.

He is the host of a Podcast show “The Nishant Garg Show” where he invites human beings to share insights on Mindfulness, Compassion, Wellness, Well-being, and anything that transforms people’s lives. He can’t do this alone and need your support to join him in this mindfulness movement to make a positive impact because we all belong to the same community of human beings.

The podcast was listened to in 24 countries in 2020.

He always had high IQ, and Mindfulness practices has helped him in being Emotionally Intelligent. He’s been able to transform his life through Mindfulness practices and it’s his deep desire to see the transformation in other’s lives.

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Recent Podcasts

If you do enjoy this episode, please let one person know among your friends and that'd mean the world to me. In this episode, I interview Alisa Cohn who is an executive coach who works with senior executives and high-potential leaders to help them create positive permanent shifts in their leadership impact and the results they achieve. She was named the #1 Startup Coach in the world at the 2019 Thinkers50 Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Awards in London, and also named one of the Top 30 Global Gurus for Startups of 2020. Summary: How she coaches the founders and the cofounders in the startup world. Adapting to different styles in a high-growth environment, 360-degree feedback, and conscious communication. Switch between personal and professional mindset, the power of breath in and out. How to plan for high stake conversations and calming techniques. Not only these practices are applicable to Startup founders, but also to everyone who has direct reports or in a similar capacity.
  1. #211: Alisa Cohn — How to Coach Startup Founders and Adapt to Different Styles
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