Meditation: The Journey of Inner Peace

Mindfulness Matters: I have learned a lot of Patience and Kindness from Meditation. Meditation is simply closing your eyes, embracing your inner silence, observing your thoughts, listening to your emotions and inner-voice, and not being identified — by any feeling and emotion.

I have learned a lot from Meditation. Still getting better and learning new things about myself! Meditation is definitely great practice for the Spiritual Awakening. It has helped me in understanding(still getting better!) my true self, my connection to the universal source and overcoming a lot of worries, stress, fatigue, and tensions.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed and drowning in so many things — I tend to get into my head. It creates stress and anxiety, and as a result, I can’t think properly. Therefore, Meditation is my #1 go-to tool that I can use anytime and anywhere when required.

Meditation is simply closing your eyes, embracing your inner silence, observing your thoughts, listening to your emotions and inner-voice, and not being identified — by any feeling and emotion.

If a human being can learn to RELAX, all the worries, tensions, anxieties and fatigue will have vanished. Most of our worries are due to tension in the muscles. If we can relax our muscles, we can overcome worry. I used to be super worried at one point in my life, and Meditation certainly has helped me feel calm and relaxed.

There is so much noise in this world. We may not always find peace outside of us, but we can definitely find peace inside us. Do you ever sit calmly in relaxation and just do nothing? Doing JUST nothing, and easing and relaxing, in the Meditation form, may not be easy in the beginning. You might be bothered by the evil thoughts, past experiences, and so many things — you name it. Your deep fears and insecurities might show up.

It’s just a warning — you will get better with time — definitely!

When I started Meditation a year ago, I had just given up because whenever I closed my eyes, it was difficult to control thoughts. Then, I decided to keep practicing. Just 20 mins every day can change your life. If you can’t do 20 mins in one sitting, break it down.

You do not have to become a monk or go to the mountains and Himalayas to practice Meditation. You can start practicing wherever you are, In the middle of work or even in the middle of a work meeting(in the form of breathing). You can always focus on your breathing. When you focus on breathing, you literally create awareness and focus and lose a lot of anxiety — according to Brene Brown, in the book The Power of Vulnerability.

Sitting silently for even 5 mins and focusing on your breath can create miracles in your life. There are many people who say they don’t have time for Meditation. They want to do but keeps saying — NO TIME. But they have a lot of time to waste on unnecessary activities.

Meditation is not the only way to create peace within yourself. But what I can tell you from my experience is that I find a solution to every problem in Meditation. I strongly believe that we can get rid of a lot of miseries just by Meditation. All man’s miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone.

Meditation in your daily activities will create a ripple effect and the peace will spill in other areas of life.

The daily practice of Meditation gives me a greater sense of well-being, increased energy and higher productivity, and a close connection to God. Meditation is a way to know God(if you don’t believe in God, please disregard this sentence).

Our mind has 60 thousand thoughts every day and mind is cluttered with so many activities that it is imperative to quiet our mind to manifest what we desire. Sitting quietly creates space between the thoughts in the mind and it is in that space we find peace and stillness.
Meditation helps to create silent gaps between the thoughts and those silent gaps create peaceful sensations in your body and spirit.

There are several forms of Meditation — Transcendental, Guided, and many more.

I, personally, do Transcendental Meditation(mantra based).

The mantras I follow are:

“Release, Release… Calm, Calm… Relaxed, Relaxed…

Om, Om….” [ Mantra “Om” comes from Hinduism]

Meditation, for 20 mins, is my first thing after waking up(of course, after using the bathroom). Now, this has become a habit for me.

There are several benefits of Meditation in terms of how the brain changes. Dr. Joe Dispenza has explained in deep — the real benefits of Meditation.

Other Meditation resources to follow:

How to create Meditation Habit? Set a specific time and place every day. For me(as mentioned above), it’s the first thing in the morning. When and Where — decide for yourself?

If you have never done Meditation — but, feeling inspired because of Scientific and Spiritual benefits, I highly recommend to start with 2 mins, and gradually increase with time. Set a small goal for 2 mins for 3 days. After 3 days — set another goal for 2.5 mins for the next 3 days, and so on. You get my point!! That’s how I started and got to this point of 20 mins.

For beginners — you have a 3-day Meditation challenge. Pick a specific time, place, and time duration. Keep it simple! Please comment on how your challenge comes out after 3 days.

Enjoy!! Farewell!!

Gratitude is a Practice

When life sucks, do you incline towards what you don’t have in life or do you just appreciate everything in life?

We all have heard phrases like “Gratitude is an attitude”, “an attitude of gratitude”.


I have seen a lot of people who have an attitude of gratitude, but they don’t practice gratitude.

When life sucks, do you incline towards what you don’t have in life or do you just appreciate everything in life?


Brain study and psychological study have proven that gratitude increases happiness and according to Brene Brown, gratitude is a practice.

In her book “the power of vulnerability”, she mentioned that calm and peaceful people constantly practice gratitude. When life isn’t great, they focus their energy on what they have, rather than what they do not have.

In the book “the power of positive thinking”, Norman Vincent Peace mentioned about a very wealthy man who was miserable and had lost all the hope in life and was asked to write down everything he had in life. When he wrote down everything he still had, he was amazed to see he has a lot of things to be grateful and thankful for.

Oprah is known for writing a gratitude journal for many years.

In my gratitude journal, I write all the positive things that happen every day.

You do not have to wait for big things to happen. If a cup of coffee gives you joy, you can be grateful for it and make it part of your journal.

In tough times when I am not feeling so amazing, I practice focusing my energy on what I have, what I have achieved and who I have become.

I try to focus on the opportunities lying ahead and always believe that this is an opportunity for me to grow from it and be grateful to God for putting me in this tough situation because He believes in me and always has a plan.

Choose To Grow

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We’re not human beings having a spiritual experience. Be kind and be loving.

Let’s talk about spiritual growth.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We’re not human beings having a spiritual experience.

When you have hate, anger, and resentment in you, you’re going to put out the same in the universe and you’ll keep attracting the anger over and over.

Be kind and be loving.

Detach yourself from the outcome. Detachment doesn’t mean that you’re the victim.

It just simply means you’re not attached to the outcome and your life is fulfilled without it as well.


Work on your purpose, mission and you’ll be amazed to see how the universe brings like-minded people in your life at the right moment.

Here’s is a small story I experienced recently-
Someone asked me who was moving from Chicago to Austin that how it is to live in Austin, and I simply asked him- how it is to live in Chicago. He said it’s wonderful there, people are so nice, people are loving and caring. And, my response was you’re going to find similar people in Austin.

Think about it. If you have love in yourself, if you’re loving to unloving, if you’re patient with your progress, you are going to find love and peace everywhere.

Create White Space

At the end of your life, you won’t say- “you would have worked more, rather you would say, you would have RESTED more.”Being busy is NOT always busy.

We are constantly bombarded with new information and interruptions, leaving us very little time to think about ourselves. There is very little to the no-time left to work on our personal needs.

Do you like to make phone calls while driving or standing at the red light so that you can save a few mins?
Are you the one who likes to plan out and Schedule everything every hour?


Creating white space means- leaving some time free for doing JUST nothing and work on yourself and do things that you really love which is play for you.

I have been practicing creating white space daily at work and in personal life so that I can
☑️Create relationships
☑️Take a walk around
☑️Focus on what I want to do in life

White space is necessary to create higher awareness within yourself, connect to yourself and doing mindless activities that give the brain a break to process complex information.
You become calmer and more peaceful and sense a feeling of balance in life. Stopping and taking a pause for a moment is not a failure.

Rather, it gives us time to reflect on what we have gained and where we are headed to.

If you are not busy, you are being judged and not considered successful.

At a workplace, if your calendar is not packed, you are considered small.
I have worked with so many people in the corporate who are just being busy but unproductive. They are just going from one meeting to another without being conscious and not really processing information.

Creating white space in life is a practice and you will have to say NO to people when they demand your time.

How and Why To Be Yourself On Your First Date

  • Are you always successful in getting the first date but finding it difficult to set more dates with her?
  • Do you feel like whatever you do on the first date, she doesn’t want to go out again?
  • Have you ever wondered that why she doesn’t want to go out again even though she was very much interested on the first date?
  • She sucked the tongue out of your mouth on the first date and when you reached out to her later, she either ghosted you or didn’t want to go on second date or further?

Does it frustrate you?

I understand this feeling and I have been in these situations.

Believe me—it can be emotionally draining sometimes when you go out on the first date and don’t get to see her again.

And when you are too much into her, it becomes painful.

You know what— we grow from struggles and pain and let’s honor the journey.

First date is very important to take it to the next level. It’s like the job interview and you got to put your best foot forward

There was a time in my life when I was getting lot of first dates with different women but most of the time it was challenging to see them again.

When I was learning this stuff, I always asked her for the first date even I wasn’t physically attracted to her just because I wanted to learn and get better at it.

What does it mean to be authentic on the dates?

It simply means “Knowing what you want, who you are as a person and being comfortable in your skin”.

When I was new to this dating world—

  • I was trying to be super nice guy to please her. Strong women will feel this and might consider this behavior as a weakness.
  • I often changed my opinion to match hers for her to like me. Honestly, this is not a good idea and might come across as a week behavior and I learned this later.
  • Strong and confident women might test your strength on the first date. If you are discussing any topic, I would suggest you stick to your opinion, and respect her opinion as well.
  • I used to talk a lot about myself instead of asking about her. One woman told me later that- “she liked me as a person. But, I did not ask about her much and it’s a turn off for her”.

Learning? Always ask her good questions to know her. But don’t interrogate her like a robot. Asking questions should also not sound like an interview.

Be enthusiastic and genuine in whatever you ask her.

How to ask her good questions?

Be authentic and ask genuine questions that she might enjoy answering.

Once upon a time, a woman was trying to test me and wanting me to change my opinion. I simply told her—“you are entitled to your opinion, and my opinion is this and that is what I think”.

She later told me that- “she liked my behavior. I am different than other guys because most guys try to change their opinion to please her.”

Never change your opinion to please her. There is a different between pleasing and being who you are. And do not be disrespectful to her either.

I still remember that date when “I asked her to KISS”.

Can you imagine her response?

Her response changed my perspective.

She mentioned that— “As a man, you do not have to ask me to kiss. A man always goes for the kiss”.

Something to think about! Right?

When I was totally new to this dating, I was unsure of what I was looking for and when women asked me this, my response was “we will see, what happens”, and as a result so many women I really liked and who liked me back walked away.

It’s all about being clear about your Intentions. Believe in the Power of Intention.

Successful women are clear about what they want and if you are not sure- you aren’t going to get another chance.

You also need to understand that you don’t have to express your love or liking on the first date. Love takes time and it’s a process.

If you think you are authentic and start expressing your liking, she may perceive you as being needy and pushy.

I remember a Date when I started saying “I like you” after 2 hours.

She was really an awesome girl. She told— “we have just met and how can you like me so soon”.

At that time, I didn’t have any clue and I started justifying.

And the result? She didn’t want to go again on a second date.

Why? It is not because she didn’t like me. She liked me, but she would have thought that I might be needy and pushy later if we decide to date further

However, Not knowing what you are seeking might work with the woman who is not looking for serious long term.

If you meet a woman who is sure of herself what she is looking for, I will suggest that you better be yourself, otherwise she will walk away.

When I had just started dating, I was trying to PLEASE her just to get to like me.

But, it does not end well.

Being yourself gives the vibes of self-reliance. You must be clear about your intentions to attract the kind of woman you deserve.

There is a saying— “when you do not know what you want, you will end up reaching where you don’t want to arrive”.

What I am telling here is that you do not have to play any games.

If you like her, simply tell her about it but do not do too much because “too much, too soon causes rejection”.

When I go on a date now, I clearly tell my intentions when I am asked. If she and I are wanting different things, it’s better not to see them again.

It saves lot of time and energy.

Being authentic will get you the kind of woman you are looking for.

When you show your authenticity and do your best on the first date, you will not have to take the rejection personally.

When we give our best in any area of life, we feel satisfied even if the outcome is not aligned to what we deserve.

The key is to be authentic on the first date and keep trying unless you meet your lovely woman.