Quotes, Musings, and Contemplations

This blog post is the result of sitting in silence in the mornings, reading other people’s blogs and posts. In this post, I attempt to highlight some of my writings and others. I hope this piece will spark a passion in your inner-being and open up new passion and possibilities. I hope you learn to trust your instincts and sit with the discomfort when things fall apart. Let’s begin.

“When things fall apart when the plan doesn’t work out, and when you don’t get what you want — it’s OK to feel sad and allow yourself to feel the sadness. Don’t push it away and don’t beat the shit out of you. Then, you can focus on your intention, and your next steps, and connect to the vibrational frequency of your desire.”

“Remember that darkness is a source of massive growth. You may not see in the moments of darkness but remember that light always follows the darkness.”

“Trust is such an important aspect of intuition. You may not always 100 percent believe every one of your decisions is going to work out, but can you trust that you are doing the right thing? Can you tap into the core of the heart, where trust is nestled, and let go, close your eyes, and fly?” – Molly Carroll

“I used to be a poor listener. But over the past several years, I have taken more of a listening role. It’s powerful, insightful, and even healing. I have been practicing this – Instead of feeling like I have to share everything that pertains to someone else’s story or comment, I withhold. And I try to fully understand their experience, presently. I do so because I am learning that proving myself or whatever motive I have to share, does not take away from what I have or my experience.” – Candice Georgis

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