Contemplating Surrendering, Allowing and Letting Go

“Letting go doesn’t mean erasing a memory or ignoring the past; it is when you are no longer reacting to the things that used to make you feel tense and you are releasing the energy attached to certain thoughts. It takes self-awareness, intentional action, practice, and time. Letting go is the act of getting to know yourself so deeply that all delusions fall away.” — Excerpt from the book Clarity and Connection by Young Pueblo.

What does letting go mean?(in my own words)

  • Living from a place of surrender.
  • Creating emptiness.
  • Flowing with life and not following the mind’s noise and all other external noise.

The question I ask myself — “What would be unlived in my life if it ended today?

There is a power in not knowing, in the unknown, in the unfamiliar territory. I am practicing the art of surrendering. I trust in myself that I can achieve what I am intended to achieve. I can be what I want to be. I can have what universe has kept for me.

Surrendering is an art, it’s a practice, a knowing within me that, I don’t have to hold everything too tight close to my chest. See if you could release it and observe its magical nature.

Surrendering and allowing? What does it even mean to surrender?

Having a knowing within that right people will show up at the right time, knowing my true nature. Having a knowing that the right job and career will show up the right time when I am open and ready to receive the universe’s gifts.

Having internal peace that I don’t have to be the one always in front.

I am not advocating to do anything. It’s a practice to do something and then let it go, toss it away — having a knowing that I am doing the best I can.

Surrender is a space between the effort and the result or outcome. It’s a knowing that when life knocks you down, nothing seems to be working — you can always get up.

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