Reflections on Relationships, Childhood, Healing, Clarity, and More

The Nishant Garg Show
The Nishant Garg Show

As part of my morning routine, I love writing down my thoughts and they just flow through me. In this post, I mention some of the things I wrote in the mornings – these cover healing, inner-work, my childhood realizations, relationships, and more. I also add some great short writings from other authors that I’ve enjoyed. Personally, I created this post for myself to review some of the short paragraphs written by me and others. Why lose the track of thoughts? If at least one other person can benefit from this post, that’s all it matters to me.

Let’s begin:

“Spaciousness allows me to listen to my inner voice, my body, and the emotions I’m going through. To do nothing can be a challenge for some. I still struggle with doing nothing at times. While growing up, I never learned how to relax, how to enjoy the holidays, and mistakenly considered free time with boredom.Life isn’t rosy and flowery every day. I can choose the meaning I want to give. I can choose how I want to live. I can choose to create new possibilities even when I am afraid. I can choose to give way to my passion. I can choose to be with the unpleasantries of life. I can choose to stay with “It is what it is”. I can choose not to resist reality. I can choose and so can you.”

“I dislike the word ‘toxic’ when used to describe a human, attribute, or experience. The so-called ‘toxic’ behavior is usually a decontextualized threat response; usually a result of relational trauma or disempowerment. So when we label this person toxic, we disempower them further and perpetuate a systemic cycle of disconnection and shame.” Natalia Rachel

“If you focus on what you have, you gain what you lack. And if you focus on what you lack, you lose what you have.”Greg McKeown

“You can always look into the past. Past can never be changed, nor will the same experiences – good or bad will never occur again in the same exact fashion. I am looking at the past and smiling at it, and saying thank you for being a wonderful teacher. I don’t wish to have bad times for myself and others. I’ll say that I’ve learned the most and have grown tremendously in moments of emotional pain, breakdowns, and heartaches. Crises are the invitation to go within for introspection, learn and grow. Let’s enjoy and cherish the good times. Good or bad are just labels and are temporary. Good is followed by bad. Bad is followed by good.”

“I have to admit that I go through my own loneliness and depressive episodes. There are times I feel empty inside of myself. But, I don’t judge myself for anything. I seek ways to come back to the normal emotional and mental states of being. It’s Ok to feel low. There is always going to be low when you want to feel high. You can’t live in one state forever. If you laugh, you will cry. If you are happy, you will be sad. Why not just embrace the full range of emotions and be just human?”

“In times of challenging situations, ask yourself-What happened to me?-What’s my emotional reaction? How do I feel? What’s my opinion/interpretation/perception of the situation? This is a Compassionate inquiry exercise from Gabor Mate.

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Ruminations on Healing, Awareness, and Inner Work

I started capturing each and everything I learned on the web in Evernote since 2021 started. It’s better to capture what I’m learning so that when I look back a few years later, I can go back to my notes and see how far I have come. If you’ve been followed my work for a while or new to my work, I’d like to say that I find immense pleasure in sharing my learnings with you all.

This post highlights some of the fantastic quotes and contemplations on healing. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did in creating it. A few years down the road, I can revisit this post and tap into my inner peace and tranquility.

Below, you’ll find musings from the masters such as Wayne Dyer, Anthony de Mello, Gabor Mate, Young Pueblo, Michael Ostrolenk, Rumi, and many others.

Now, let’s begin:

“Heal yourself, not just so you can thrive, but to ensure that people who cross your path in the future are safer from harm.” —Yung Pueblo

“The word healing comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for wholeness and the essential nature of trauma is that it’s a loss of wholeness. It’s the impact of what happened and how that’s manifesting as a disconnect right now in our lives, and how we can reconnect. A proper understanding of trauma actually says, This happened inside me, it’s with me in the present, and because it’s with me in the present, I can do something about it.” —Gabor Maté

“I am just saying it is so much more helpful to see every manifestation of what we call illness, whether physical or what we call mental, as a manifestation of a life, a life history and a multigenerational life history, in the context of a certain society. If we reflect on all that, we can be much more effective in helping people, no matter what their issues are. Biology rarely provides the full picture, least of all in what we call mental illness.” — Gabor Maté

“Trauma isn’t what happens to you, it’s what happens inside you.” Gabor Maté

” I’m not going to ask you what you were addicted to, I often say to people, nor when, nor for how long. Only, whatever your addictive focus, what did it offer you? What did you like about it? What, in the short term, did it give you that you craved or liked so much?” — Gabor Maté

“I’ve had a lifelong interest in recognizing that we don’t have to be pushed by our culture and our family of origins. We can generate a sense of internal freedom to begin to design our own lives. We can learn to optimize ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically, as well as other aspects of ourselves.” — Michael Ostrolenk

A lot of people’s traumas, whether it’s sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, or whatever happens to be, or even at scale, smaller versions of all those same things. For many people happens before they have a mental self sense, which means in practice that if you don’t work through their nervous system, you don’t work through their body. You can’t really help heal them or help themselves heal themselves through just cognitive behavioral work. Because it’s not just a thinking issue. It’s a physiological somatic issue. ” — Michael Ostrolenk

“I know you are tired but come, this is the way.
These pains you feel are messengers, listen to them” — Rumi

“Today I escaped the power of circumstance, or rather I cast all circumstance out — for it was not outside me — but within me, in my judgments.” — Marcus Aurelius

“The doorway to the higher purpose opens inward, and most of us spend the lifetime looking for it outside.” — Wayne Dyer

“Embrace Silence. Silence is not empty. Silence is full of answers. No matter how many times you cut silence into half, you only get silence. Silence is a way to know your true self.” — Wayne Dyer

“Everything passes, everything. If you seek thrills, get ready for sadness. These are the swings of the pendulum. One end of the pendulum swings to the other. Never “identify” with that feeling.” — Anthony de Mello

“I saw grief drinking a cup of sorrow, and called out, “it tastes sweet, doesn’t it?” You’ve caught me – grief answered, and you have ruined  my business. How can I sell sorrow, when you you know it’s a blessing.” — Rumi

“Forgiveness feels like, we’re given a big pair of scissors to cut the tie and regain personal power. It starts with a choice and then becomes a process with no neat ending. One day you can forgive and the next you may hear the detail of what happened and feel angry all over again.” — Scarlett Lewis

“Look at where you were three/six months ago and compare to where you are now.  Realizing that you have experienced growth/momentum may help ease the frustration that you’re not as far as you want to be.  Most of us are not.  However, none of us ever get it all done…none of us!”  — Terri Lonowski

“Recognize that life itself is an incredible gift.  It is a miracle that any of us are here.  Sit with that for a moment.  All of life is at any one moment on the fragile brink of non-existence.  Behold the wonderment in the moment.” — Terri Lonowski

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