Teresa Quinlan on All about Podcasting: How to Start, Finding Guests, Editing, Purpose and Vision, and More

I wrote down 40 questions based on my podcasting experience and refined them by keeping in mind how to map out a podcasting life cycle journey in a simple and fun way, and someone who’s on any spectrum in their podcasting journey can take the bullets as the foundation and test their hypothesis. I didn’t know any better when I started in Jan 2020 and kept incrementally improving every week and as a result, I’ve interviewed 170+ world-class experts in different domains. 

If you’re planning to start a podcast, or have already started and may want to tweak things, this post is for you.

I asked Teresa Quinlan who hosts a podcast TNT ESQ, has been on my podcast and we discussed Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness, and some Mindfulness. Listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts , SpotifyStitcherGoogle Podcasts, or on your favorite platform.

Teresa Quinlan is a human first and an alchemist second. She believes that the synthesis of one’s intellectual quotient (IQ), personality, and emotional quotient (EQ) is the key to breaking through one’s talent quotient (TQ). 

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Please enjoy my conversation with Teresa on everything about Podcasting. Take what works for you and leave what doesn’t.

Let’s begin!

Nishant Garg: What was your motivation to start the podcast? What skills and lessons have you learned in podcasting that is transferable in other projects and life in general?

Teresa Quinlan: My motivation to start our podcast, along with my co-host Rhys Thomas, was to be able to contribute to the global community, in a positive way. We wanted to be able to provide our insights through the stories and lessons of our guests, to the bigger scale, the global scale. We believed that the best way to do this was through the podcasting platform. Second to this, our motivation included the goal to personally grow and develop through other people’s experiences – expanding our own perspectives and challenging our own status quo. This is how we determined the name of our podcast TnT (Teresa and Thomas) ESQ (exploding the status quo).

The skills and lessons I have learned are actually the other way around – the skills I have from other areas of my experiences I have applied to the podcasting platform. Skills in public speaking, listening, coaching, curiosity, compassion, assertiveness, organization, courage, and planning.

Nishant Garg: What’s your current guest recruitment process look like? How do you approach someone whom you don’t know? Any advice or template for cold-outreach that has worked for you? 

Teresa Quinlan: We begin with an interest in the individual; their story. We do this because this is the foundation of our podcast conversation. And so, we decide who we would like on our podcast based on their story – which means that one of us needs to get to know the guest prior to our invitation. We do this by reaching out and establishing a connection. Reaching out can happen in any number of ways – social media and email are our two preferred methods for initial contact. We then move to a virtual conversation to get to know the person better and after at least one conversation of building a relationship, we ask if they would like to be a guest on our podcast. Often, since we(host and co-host) are meeting people individually and jointly know our podcast purpose and guest ‘profile’, we can make the decision of who to invite without needing to first confirm with our partner. We trust each other to make great decisions in alignment with our purpose.

Cold outreach/contact is definitely one way to go about inviting guests. My advice in using this method would be to first research your guest; learn about them. When you reach out, explain why you are doing so, what it is about them that interests you, and ask for their interest in participating as a guest. Oh…and stay diligent. When you ask high profile individuals, sometimes you have to ask several times over several months before you receive a response.

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