Heart-Opening Meditations

Living a Heart-Centered life has become very important to me in the last few years. There are many modalities to open your heart or heal it from past wounds. In this post, I share some safe meditations I’ve come across recently. I’ve been practicing heart-opening meditations every morning for the last few weeks and as a result, I feel a drastic change in my inner being. Based on my mood, I pick one every day. I’ll continue to explore more meditations and resources on heart-opening. This post serves as a buffet and I invite you to pick the ingredient that works for you at present.

a) ‘Raise the Vibe’ – Guided Meditation Self-Pranic Healing Meditation: I learned about Pranic healing from my friend Menaka Harjani. Further in this exploration, I found this meditation which offers pranic healing as a way to return to wholeness, oneness, and ease. We often think of healing simply as recovery from illness or trauma. From a higher perspective, however, healing happens when we see ourselves as whole and complete despite any condition or illness. The subtle practice of pranic healing utilizes life force energy, or prana (also known as chi or qi) to accelerate the body’s innate ability to heal itself. In this video, we use it as a powerful accompaniment to meditation.

b) Balance Your Heart Chakra Energy: Guided Meditation: In the words of John Lennon, “Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.”. This meditation focuses on the heart chakra. This chakra is the expression of our love and compassion. When the heart center is open and the energy is balanced here, you feel connected to and love for all the people in your life. We function best when the chakras are open and in balance. The ability to heal and balance the chakras takes time and with repeated practice has the potential for transformation.

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