Awaken and Connect to your Divine Feminine

I’ve been enjoying learning about Masculine and Feminine energies. Masculine and Feminine are not gender-based. All humans have it, if you believe it or not. It’s so interesting to see that how much we overvalue one energy over the other. Rather, it’s about finding a sweet healthy spot in these energies.

In this blog, I list resources about Toxic Masculinity and Feminity.

This post covers 3 in-depth articles on awakening and connecting your Divine Feminine. These resources are very in-depth and help you understand from basics to advanced.

a) Divine Feminine: 9 Ways to Awaken the Holy Fire of Shakti: Contrary to popular belief, the Divine Feminine isn’t limited only to females. The Divine Feminine is an energy that we all possess, no matter where we are on the gender spectrum (or lack thereof). As a force that is responsible for organizing, ruling, fighting, building, and dominating, masculine energy is certainly useful – but only up until a certain point. If all of life is a process of growth, of maturation, Divine Masculine energy still hasn’t evolved to its fullest potential.

It’s still an awkward, self-conscious, and insecure force that has come to believe (like a naive child) that power comes from overshadowing others. But it doesn’t. What it has failed to learn up until now is that true power comes from within. True power is shown through the mature Divine Masculine acts of mercy, integrity, honesty, and accountability.  But all things in life have a dark side – that is an intrinsic realization we must come to terms with on our spiritual journeys. We need to be aware of our shadow selves in order to move into the light.

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Lessons on Toxic Masculinity and Femininity, Healthy Masculine Energy, and More

Masculine and Feminine are part of every human being. We can’t deny one over the other. These are the energies, we all have it, and we get to integrate both of them. It’s a myth that Masculine is strong and Feminine is weak; only males have Masculine energy and Females have Feminine energy – these are the myths.

I was attending a healing retreat where I realized how much I hesitate to connect with certain kinds of men and women. It’s all at the unconscious level. This realization has embarked me on the deep study of Masculine and Feminine energies, how to integrate and embrace these.

Below are some resources I’ve found to be useful for getting started.

a) 7 Kinds Of Healthy Masculine Energy That Inspires True Love To Grow: A man who is confident in his masculinity won’t feel threatened by a woman who is more successful than him. He will want to support you in creating your dreams alongside you. A man who is constantly swayed by those around him isn’t grounded in his own truth.

b) What The Divine Masculine Is All About (And How To Balance It With The Divine Feminine): Divine masculine and divine feminine energy exist in all things—people included. Not to be confused with male versus female, divine feminine and masculine energies can be accessed by all of us, and part of the spiritual path is getting them into a state of balance.  Here’s an introduction to divine masculine energy, plus how to tap into yours.

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