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Ultimate Books I’ve Loved — Alisa Cohn, Cara Bradley, Marc Lesser

This blog post highlight the books mentioned by Alisa Cohn, Cara Bradley, and Marc Lesser on my podcast “The Nishant Garg Show”. My goal is to tease out the habits and routines from the experts in their fields. We don’t have to reinvent the same wheel when someone else has already invented it. Take the approach, tweak it and experiment with it based on your environments, constraints and variables.

Happiness, Attachments, Thrills, Awareness

In the past, I continued to be unhappy in my unawareness. Now, I continue to be happy in my awareness. I can feel negative sometimes, but those negative emotions just come and go. They don’t define me, and I am not identified by them. I just observe myself in awareness and understand happiness. If you ask me-“what name would I give to the feeling after I achieve something?” I will be honest and blunt, and at the same time- I’d just say that “it’s a thrill, it’s an emotional high, and it shall soon pass.”