A Letter from My Older Self to Current Self

One morning over a cup of coffee in one hand and pen in another hand, I allowed the pen to flow on paper as if my older self—my 40 year old is sitting with me and trying to sooth and advice my current self. This short piece of exercise gave me deep satisfaction and peace deep within. This journaling exercise can be done over and over whenever you feel distracted in life, need a pause in life, or as a self-reflection.

The prompt is “Imagine that you’re suddenly the older version of you — 5, 10, or 15 years in the future. If you sat down over wine or coffee with the current, younger you, what advice or observations might you offer?”

This prompt is part of Tim Ferriss’s blog A Dialogue with Yourself. I also mentioned about post A Dialogue with Yourself in my Friday Newsletter.

Here comes my journaling. I’m sharing this with you as an example. You can read this and think about your older self and imagine what he or she would say to your current self in your present life situations. While doing this, don’t think too much—Just let the words flow and you will meet with your older wiser self. Trust me.

Here you go!

“Advice to myself – my current self from the future 40-year-old self.

I am proud of you, my younger Nishant. You embarked on this journey of discovering yourself, healing yourself, and others. I know that you have always wanted to have a beautiful loving romantic relationship. Just be patient. You will get it. Great things are waiting for you. I see that how you sometimes get discouraged, and feel the scarcity. It is ok. It is part of process.

I am happy to see that how far you have come in just 3-4 years. Just know that you are capable of so much and you know it deep down. I am glad that you are recognizing childhood issues and how that created anxiousness, lack of confidence and self-image in you up until you were 30 years old.

Be patient with the progress. Have fun and play in this process. You are not getting any younger – just joking! Just keep doing what excites you.

Yes, self-doubts are going to creep in. That also means—you are on the path.

The choices you are making now are helping you for your future self. I am your future older self—writing to you this letter. Do you want your future self to be cranky and purposeless? Think about what you want your future self to be.

I know that you think a lot about finding ways to heal your parents. It is not going to be easy. You are going to be tested and I know you can do this.

Love is waiting for you that you have craved for so long. Your unmet needs are going to fulfill. Just keep moving forward with trust and I will meet you when you become me—the older, the future and wiser self of you.”

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