Bruce Langford on Anti-Bullying, Building Confidence, Mindfulness Mode, Cultivating Calm, and more

A little stress is ok, but mega anxiety that threatens to shut you down is not cool.


Bruce Langford has been an entrepreneur and musician all his adult life. He quit his day job in 2005 to become focused full time on the prevention of bullying. Working as a presenter and program creator in the bullying field, led Bruce to become a mindfulness coach and teacher. Bruce also hosts the Mindfulness Mode Podcast, where he shares the concept of mindfulness with the mainstream worldBruce Langford is a Mindfulness consultant who is hired by companies to improve employee work-life balance by replacing stress and anxiety with team spirit and self-respect. His  extensive background in bullying prevention equips him, through mindfulness, to inspire employees to replace self-bullying and judgmental behaviors, with a strong desire for cooperation and respect. 

In this episode, Bruce talks about  building confidence, his music career, how he became less judgmental through Meditation,anti-bullying, forming positive habits, Cultivating calmness and  Gratitude, and much more!

Please enjoy!

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Questions we discuss:

  • What did you teach to that kid before you started your anti-bullying program?
  • What kind of exercises do you perform in those 45 minutes every day being active?
  • When you walk in nature – do you listen to music, or do you have  phone or you are just unplugged?
  • What does your first 60 to 90 minutes of your morning look like?
  • and much more!

People mentioned: Brian Tracy John Kabat- Zinn, Wim Hoff

Meditation app: Insight timer

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