Podcast with Jennifer Xiong- On Morning Miracles, Mindfulness, Compassion

Jennifer Xiong

Jennifer Xiong graduated from UCLA with a Master of Public Health in Community Health Sciences with a specialization in Health Education/Promotion and holds a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Sociology from UC Davis.

Early on Jennifer became interested in public health through her first-hand experience as a child of immigrant refugees who had barriers navigating the healthcare systems in the U.S. She is passionate about health and wellness, creating leaders, mindfulness, transformation, and inspiring authentic and purposeful living. Currently, she is a Health Educator/Teacher and enjoys teaching about health and nutrition to school-age children. Jennifer has been on her mindfulness journey personally for 10 years.

As a child, she was sensitive, intuitive, creative, and empathetic. She had always had a keen interest in seeking deeper inner truth, however, she did not have resources nor an outlet to support that desire. Hence, when the practice of mindfulness was introduced to her a decade ago as an adult in her first therapy session, it opened a whole new world of possibilities and clarity. Since then she has immersed herself into any work and books about mindful living. Her vision for the world is creating a safe environment where everyone can be authentic to reach their highest potential.

Please enjoy!

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Instagram @beinglove_

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenniferxiongmph/

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Show Notes:

  • Hmong Community
  • Parents were immigrant refugees in the U.S
  • Going through tough times during childhood as part of immigrant family.
  • Difficulty in understanding bi-culture
  • How upbringing affected the high stress job in public health
  • About 5 days Meditation retreat
  • Creating Morning Miracles
  • The power of Meditation
  • The power of Journaling
  • The power of reading in the morning
  • The power of Affirmations
  • The power of Visualizations
  • Embracing imperfects
  • The power of coaching
  • Guided and Transcendental Meditation
  • Intentional and Free-Flow journaling
  • Therapy vs Counselling

People Mentioned:

Books Mentioned:

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The Nishant Garg Show:

This show is about extracting information on Mindfulness, Personal Development, Spirituality, and basically everything which improves the quality of life. My job on this show is to invite people who are happy, who have endured failures, and who have practical tips to share on mindfulness practices, productivity hacks, habits, routines, time management and much more!

For any question, please contact me.

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